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Welcome to

Unique Teacher

Daycare & PreSchool

"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world."- Maria Montessori


***We are currently on a break until September 2024 as we prepare for the arrival of our new baby.****

Our goal is to provide a stimulating, nutritious, loving, and safe environment for a small group of infant, toddler, and preschool-aged children.

Plant-based menu

 Food and cooking are passions in our family and we eat a predominantly plant-focused diet. We are thrilled to be offering a varied and nutritious food exposure meal plan for the littles in our care.  We're open to expanding our menu options to accommodate special diets so please feel free to discuss.


Having our own private outdoor play space along with a 3-seater stroller and many parks in the neighborhood makes it easy to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and nature.  We will also be taking part in outdoor/indoor EarlyOn programming.


Following a Montesorri -style method alongside play-based learning, your infant will have exposure to different education methods to ensure a smooth transition to either Montessori education or preschool-style care centers.  

Eco-friendly toys

Our playroom has been carefully crafted to include an assortment of Montessori open-ended toys along with a variety of eco-friendly toys that inspire creative play and promote skill exploration.  Toys and surfaces are cleaned daily with natural non-toxic cleaning products.

Hands-on experience

The learning environment includes a variety of sensory exposures and activities to keep littles curious, engaged, and exploring. Indoor and outdoor gym equipment (Pikler triangle, arc, slide, rope ladder,  tunnels, balance bike, etc) will be used to develop gross motor skills and other physical competencies.

Professional Educator

Having over 10 years of Ontario teaching and tutoring experience alongside experience working in daycares and private homeschool education, Ms. Katie has acquired a wealth of knowledge in early childhood education and care. We are thrilled to be building a daycare program that includes our son where the focus is creating a  unique, loving,  and safe learning environment for a small group of infants.

Take a look at our learning space!

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